Style sheet


  1. Articles should be written in Polish, English or Russian.
  2. Articles should include: the title, key words synopsis (all in Polish, English and Russian).
  3. Articles should be divided into numbered chapters and include: introduction, methodological part, factual part, conclusions and summary. Book references in the text should be in the form of footnotes and include the first letter of the author’s name, surname, title, publishing house, place and year as well as page numbers. In the footnotes use 10-point Times New Roman font, interline spacing: 1, for example: J.A.Scholte, Globalization. Critical introduction, WSZiM, Sosnowiec 2006, p.184.
  4. When using footnotes, mark them with subsequent number without any extra characters.
  5. Alphabetic bibliography should include: surnames of all authors, the first letter of their names, title of the publication, publishing house or journal, place of publishing, number of volume, year of publishing, page numbers, for example: Scholte J.A., Globalization. Critical introduction, WSZiM, Sosnowiec 2006.
  6. At the end of the paper give your exact address or affiliation.
  7. When writing the paper, please use application compatible with Windows programme (Word recommended for text, while Excel – for diagrams).
  8. Page format is the following: margins – 2,5 cm, font – 12-point Times New Roman, interline spacing: 1.5, title - bold upper case 14-point; synopsis, key words, bibliography, summary, key words and affiliation – 10-point.
  9. Use ENTER key only at the end of a paragraph (all titles, enlisted points etc. are treated as separate paragraphs).
  10. Indents in paragraphs are to be made only by the use of tabulator key or other tool of the word processor used. Do not use space bar for this purpose. Use spaces only to separate words, after a dot, comma, exclamation mark, colon, or semicolon etc. (never before these characters). Do not use space after opening bracket or before the closing bracket, as well as before or after the number of a footnote.
  11. Put brackets and per cents without spaces, for example: (see table 5), 100%
  12. All figures and tables should be inserted in the way allowing for their formating. Below the figures and tables their source should be indicated, for example:

Fig. 2. Changes of demand (Popyt) and income (Dochód) in the years 1990 – 2004 (12-point, bold, left-aligned)

Source: own calculations on the basis of the data provided by the Main Statistical Office (10-point)

Table 1. Demand and income in 2002 and 2003 (in Polish zlotys) (12-point, bold, left-aligned)


Source: pre-arranged data